May 14, 2009

A lot of pics of the kids from our trip to and from AZ

Here is a very rough map of the route that we took. As close as I could figure, looking from map to map to map.

First movie of the ride.

"I may never march in the infantry, ride in the cavalry, shoot the artillery, I may never fly over the enemy but I'm in the Lord's command!" Wyatte was listening to Sunday School music while Nevaeh slept.

Cool new glasses for both of them!!!

Finally able to get out and run around!!! They loved it!!!

Burning off lots of energy! We had a sheriff come up and give the kids each a sticker. At first when he came up to us I thought we were going to be in trouble, but he just wanted to talk to the kids and give them a sticker!

Nevaeh got a 4-wheeler ride right away the morning after we got there. Doesn't Auntie Jeanie look fabulous in her hat!?!?!?

Kateland and Leigha made Nevaeh a necklace out of some bones that they found in the clubhouse. She is also wearing a couple of wild turkey feathers in her hair. My Arizona Native!!!

Running down Marty and Jeanie's driveway to the "clubhouse" that the girls have (it is just a flat spot at the bottom of the driveway.)

Climbing up a slope to get to the clubhouse. He found bones, and cool trees, and fun sticks and all kinds of boy things there!!!

I am pretty sure this is a juniper tree, but not totally... He loves getting his picture taken!

Found me a pretty flower!

Wyatte finally got his turn on the 4-wheeler. We went for a scenic drive(look for some pictures of the scenery later!!!), and also looked for some elk and other wild animals.

Making it rain! He had a ton of fun doing it!!!

Nevaeh was sitting on the deck waiting for the lizard to show up again. It was crawling around the rocks that are in the picture, but we didn't get a chance to see it.

Nevaeh showing a bug to Kateland. She thought it was a scary bug, but it was just a beetle! Jeanie told her that there are some pretty scary bugs and Nevaeh made sure to let you know when she saw a bug walking around. Just in case!!!

Nevaeh got up early and enjoyed some time outside with Grandma and Grandpa!

If you look close you can see a strand of beads in this bush. Wyatte was "decorationing" (his word not mine!!!) the tree and making it beautiful! He loved being outside there, and if it weren't for the spiders, snakes, and scary bugs that could be under every rock and tree, it would have been fun for me too. I will admit that I was very nervous about him being outside.

When we started driving home Wyatte told me he was going to puke, and sure enough he did. Everything he had for breakfast. So he slept with a cup in his lap for the first part of the trip. He did end up feeling better, but for a while he just slept, waking up long enough to puke some more and then back to sleep right away. Poor guy. He was such a trooper.

Nevaeh got comfortable, and fell asleep just a few minutes after we started driving.

Wyatte enjoying a movie on the computer while Nevaeh slept. We bought earphones for them so we didn't have to listen to it too.

Wyatte getting more and more comfortable! I took a few pictures of him in different "poses"!!!

I wanted a picture of the kids with these bears, but Nevaeh was scared to death of them! I had to sit there and pet the bear for a while and tell her that it was just a toy. And even then she wouldn't get very close!

Looking at some of the fish in the aquarium. Wyatte picked out the crappies right away! There were some huge fish in there!!!

Daddy and Wyatte looking at trout in the stream inside the Bass Pro Shop.

While at Bass Pro Shops, Wyatte was pretending to be Diego and follow the footprints in the floor! He was counting toes, and trying to figure out what animal they belonged to! It was pretty cute.

One of the bucks that was in the store. The kids thought they were pretty cool. For those of you that haven't ever been in one, or heard of one, there were a ton of mounted animals in there. Bucks, does, turkeys, pheasants, fish of all kinds, buffalo, moose, elk and I am sure more. We spent about 2 hours in here wandering around and looking at the animals.

Wyatte was trying to see how many fingers he could get!!!

This is what happens to your hair when you spend 2 days on the road!


ben and erin said...

you guys survived!! :-)

too bad wyatt got sick. that's how ryan was last time i came to MN. but the upside was that he SLEPT pretty much the whole time. way better than whiny fussing!

fun pictures! and i would've been freaked to be outside too!