May 22, 2009

Flowers, boats and brothers

This morning we went and put flowers at John's Grandma Lucy and Grandpa Richard's headstone. They are Linda's (John's mom) parents. Linda asked John if he would put something there because they are still in AZ. So last night I went shopping. I didn't like any of the arrangements that they had, and so I bought a few bunches of the silk flowers and made my own.
Here is the one for Grandpa Richard. I tried to do a masculine one. There are two red rose bunches, one bunch with small white flowers, and one purple (they look blue) lilacs. Did you know that you can buy the cemetery vase? That is what they are in. Then blue ribbon to hide the stems and the floral foam in the base.
Grandma Lucy's is three bunches of coral/pink roses, with some small off white flowers, and some small white flowers. There is white/see through ribbon around the stems on hers.
I think they turned out nice. I hope Linda and her siblings like them.

After lunch John and his cousin Lynn got the boat pulled out of the side yard, gassed up, and hooked up to the truck. Wyatte found the life jackets, and they were off!!! Here are John and Wyatte getting ready to go.
Wyatte wanted his picture taken through the net!
We bought him some sandals for the summer, thinking they would be nice for him to have. Easy for him to put on and take off. Well, they are easy to get on and off, but most of the time when he puts them on they look like this!!!

I would also like to say congrats to my biggest baby brother! Philip graduates from Bethel tomorrow. Then after a full summer of training camps that he is going to work at, he gets to start as the "Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer" at the University of Maine!!! He has worked soooo hard to get as far as he had in the career path. You can go check out the U of Maine Athletic Website to read a little more about what it is that Phil will be doing. I am sure he would love to hear from you guys too, so feel free to call him or send him an email. If you don't have either one, and want them let me know!!!