May 16, 2009

Arizona scenery pictures...

These were taken while we were on a 4-wheeler ride. Jeanie and Marty have a house in Show Low, AZ. There was a major fire there in 2002. There is an article about it here, I was looking for pictures of the before, during and after, but no luck yet. If you are interested maybe you can do your own looking and then let me know. So anyways, these are a few pictures of the forest 7 years after the fire. There is lots of new growth, but you can still see the fire damage. There are lots of dead trees laying down all over the place. John said if there was a fire again there it would take off fast and go hard. Marty said that the fire service in the area are working on cleaning up the dead trees. He also said that they can buy a permit for a few dollars and cut as much as they want or need. (they have a wood burning stove to heat the house). All these were taken while we were driving, so they aren't the clearest.

This one is a panoramic shot that I took at the highest point we got to. Don't look too close because I didn't quite match it up! Beautiful though isn't it!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures. Shows the fire damage and the new growth.

This is the view from Marty and Jeanie's back yard. I wish I would have taken more pictures of the view, but you can go check our her blog for more pictures.

These were all taken on the way home.
Seemed kinda like this didn't look right after watching the animated movie "Cars". The next two pictures are from the movie "Cars" and show what I am talking about!!! Do you see the mountain above Lightning McQueen (the red car for those of you that don't know.) It looks like the front end of a classic car. That is how alot of the mountains in the movie looked!
This is another screen shot from the movie. See the plateau, or mesa or whatever... It looks like a radiator (I think that is what it is supposed to be...) After watching this movie as many times as we have, see mountains that look normal was just weird!!!

Driving down the freeway.

John thought this one was really cool.

One of the mountains, or whatever the correct name is for it (mesa, plateau, or whatever!!!) that we saw driving on the way home.

The camera doesn't really do it justice, but I thought this was gorgeous.

This was Wyatte's favorite. He said it looked like a triangle loaf of bread!

This was a railing post that I found at the Bass Pro Shop. Thought it was pretty cool, til I saw the next one........

Is this not the coolest looking railing post ever? If you look close enough there is a fox on the bottom running through some trees. Up in one of the tree is a squirrel, and there is a leaf over the whole thing! I loved it!