May 29, 2009

Afternoon(s) of fun!

Ok, finally in the order that I want them!!!

Last night John's parent's made it back for Arizona, they had been down there about a month. They brought back with them Kateland and Leigha, Jeanie's girls who live in AZ. They will be here for as long as they can handle being away from home! This will be the longest trip they have had with out either one of their parents. Usually Jeanie comes home, and every few years Marty (their dad) does too. Back to last night... Jim, John's brother, also came up from the cities to go fishing this weekend, so we had a party! We brought pizza and cake, and ate over there.

Katie reading a book to Nevaeh!
Leigha got a turn holding Aubrie. Yes, I know my girls are wearing the same shirt, and if you look closely they have on the same shorts, too! I have a problem, I can't get them dressed with out matching, even today they all have on green shirts, all no sleeve shirts too!

Then this morning Daddy and Uncle Jimmy went fishing and when they came back "the kids" (Wyatte and Nevaeh, that is what Aubrie and I call them!) ran over to Grandma and Grandpa's to play with everyone. John's other sister's kids were there too, so most of the grandkids, 4 of 12 were missing. John and the kids were going to come home for lunch but they were taking too long and Aubrie was standing at the door and hollering for the kids to come back in, so we walked over too.

Wyatte and Noah were racing from one side of the driveway to the other, seeing who could win!
Noah won, but isn't this a great shot? I got all four feet off the ground!

Then the boys were thristy so the hose got turned on so they could get a drink. Leigha decided to get one too!

Aubrie and Asher were looking for rocks. Aubrie must have gotten in trouble for something though huh!

Throwing those pop rock things that explode when they hit the ground. We bought some at a gas station on the way home from AZ for the kids to play with. Today was a good day to do that!
Nevaeh 2 3/4; Hannah 17 7/8; Wyatte 4 1/4; Noah 6 1/4; Kateland 11 1/2; Leigha 9 1/2: Aubrie was there too, guess I missed her

Then all the kids (ages 15 months, to 17 years) went for a walk to look for a killdeer's nest, with no luck, After they went back to the house I tried looking for it. I was walking on one side of the yard and then decided to try the other side of the yard. There were all kinds of rocks all over the place and then I saw four strange looking rocks all together, and then realized they weren't rocks they were eggs! Here are the kids looking at the "nest"
A little hard to miss huh!
But beautiful!
After all that running around it was time for a little quiet inside. Noah is holding a fish pillow that Leigha gave to Wyatte when we were in AZ. We forgot it there, but they brought it to us when the came up here!

After lunch at Grandma and Grandpa's it was a run back home for a nap! Even though the boy in this pictures is the only one not sleeping!


Mindy said...

It is crazy that you caught that pic with all four feet off the ground. Nice job with the eggs--killdeer seems to be a true sign of summer.

Heather said...

neat pics. love the eggs. so cool!