August 28, 2008

4 things...

4 things on my to do list for today...
*going to Duluth to pick up my dress for Elizabeth's wedding
*go to the dentist to finish up my root canal
*pick up the kids from the in-laws
*try to get to bed at a decent time...oh well too late for that.

4 things I love about my husband...
this is a tricky one for me right now, but...
*he can/will fix anything for me and my single mom
*he stands up to my brothers when they are being totally disrespectful
*he doesn't care when the house is a total mess
*he will do anything with Wyatte that I ask

4 jobs I have had...
*worked at 2 different greenhouses, one with flowers and the other one trees
*grocery store/gas station checker
*CNA at one of the nursing homes in town
*plano team at Target

4 movies I have watched more than once...
*xXx-the one with Vin Diesel
*the wedding planner
*national treasure
*the polar express

4 places I have lived...
*in my parents house in cohasset
*in 3 different apts in Arizona (in 3 years)
*in 5 different apts in Minnesota (in 5 years)
*we are planning on moving into a house in the next month or so, and I am excited about that so I am going to put it on here too...

4 places I have been...
*Hawaii, with the marching band
*Florida, with the choir
*Alaska, to work at a radio station
*Canada, on a road trip with the family

4 places I want to visit...
*New Zealand
*at least one state on the east coast
*I would love to take the kids to Sea World and one of the Disney parks
*Arkansas to visit family there that I haven't seen in a while

4 t.v. shows I watch...
*Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
**everyonce in a while I get to watch a show that I like IE decorating shows, Numb3rs, things like that...

4 things you may not know about me...
*I used to think I was a perfectionist, then I had kids...
*I bite my nails
*I don't know what color my hair really is
*I am totally scared of thunderstorms espec
ially when I am home alone...

I don't know who to tag, since everyone else has already been, sooo if you think you need to answer this you can!!!