August 18, 2008

Rides at the fair...

Nevaeh was scared to death of "Rover Comer", the dog that my mom's church had walking around the fair to let everyone know about the kids stuff that was going on at the fair and also the kids' programs at the church. Kirk signed up to be the dog and that is why he is so close! Wyatte figured out that we were telling the truth when we said that Uncle Kirk was in there, but Nevaeh wasn't going to hear that at all!

Daddy and Nevaeh going down the slide!
As you can tell, Nevaeh loved it!!!!!!!!!
Wyatte got to go down all by himself.
Wyatte climbing up the fun house with cousin's Sophie (almost 6) and Savanah (almost 8)
Coming down the slide at the end of the fun house! He had fun, but seemed alittle scared to walk across the huuuggely (don't think that is a word...) long bridge to get to the slide...
Wyatte and Nevaeh got to go on a Merry-go-round ride, while Aubrie and I just got kinda dizzy!
We did all have fun though!!!
Daddy, Wyatte and Nevaeh are all inside that strawberry there, I took like 13 pics and didn't get one with their faces showing :(
Nevaeh coming down the bouncy slide! She went up with noooo problem!
Nevaeh going up, and Wyatte coming down!

So we did enjoy ourselves at the fair. John's sister and neices didn't show this year (they have horses), so we didn't spend as much time there as we have in past years. We also didn't go in any of the animal barns or get to see any of the 4-H stuff, but oh well. The kids had fun.

Next year I think I am going to try to get some of my vegetables from the garden that we ARE going to do in the yard at John's parents (soon to be our) house! I would also like to put in some flowers, and maybe some others... We will have to see how life goes...