August 9, 2008

Aubrie being mobile, and other goings on!!!

As if you couldn't tell by me talking in the background, Aubrie is getting stronger and is trying to make her self mobile! My mom said I was crawling by 6 months, and I think Aubrie is going for the record!
Uncle Paul was being nice and sharing his breakfast with the girls!!! Actually, I don't think he got to eat these, Nevaeh was a pig!!! lol
Mom and I went to an awesome garage sale the other day, and found this Bumpo seat! I had been wanting one, but didn't feel the need at 40 bucks. Then I found this one for 10$ at the garage sale and mom bought it for us!!! Aubrie loves it! She can actually see what is going on when she is in it. Right now her favorite thing to do though, is turn herself sideways in it and try to reach what ever is on the ground next to her!!!
Uncle Paul getting some more niece time!
And, Aubrie starting eating food!!!!!!!!!!!! Her first food was a couple weeks ago in Duluth when I went to order my bridesmaids dress for Liz's wedding. We were in Arby's and she was fussy so I picked out the potato from a french fry and gave that to her and that made her more fussy because I wasn't feeding her fast enough!!! So now she is getting some applesauce, bananas, and baby cereal. She loves it and is slowly getting the hang of actually getting some into her belly and not all down the front of her shirt!!!!!!!!!


Aliya'sMommy said...

Aliya loves her bumbo! She is trying to get out of it now, but she was in one since she was 2 1/2 months and loves being able to see whats going on...Thank God for Bumbos!!!