August 7, 2008

Making apple "pie"

Wyatte showing me one of the apples that he picked up off the ground at Great Auntie Marilyn's house.

Some of the apples peeled and almost ready for apple pie...
Wyatte helped fill the "pie pan" (really it was a muffin tin...)
The finished product. The bottom is a pie crust, then a normal apple pie filling, and then a kinda of apple crisp topping. Kinda just a conglomeration of a lot of different things!!!

Ok, now to tell the story...
Today I had to drop something off at my Aunt Marilyn's house (she was wonderful enough to make us a meal after Aubrie was born, and I finally picked it up and then we ate it YUM and now I finally brought it back!!!) and then I was going to hit a garage sale and then drop the kids off with my mom so I could go to my dentist appt. Well the other day we went for a walk, and we found some wild raspberries. Wyatte wanted more than we could find, and so I told him that Auntie Marilyn has lots and lots of raspberries in her yard, and next time we went there we could probably pick some. Well, when we got there that was pretty much the first thing out of his mouth, "Can we pick some raspberries?" So Marilyn took them to the raspberry patch while I went to the garage sale and then mom picked them up. When they got home Wyatte had a big bag of apples from the apple tree in front of Marilyn's house.

This is a conversation that was had at Marilyn's house...
Wyatte, "Can you make blueberry pie with these apples?"
Marilyn, "No, but you can make apple pie with them."
W, "Ok, lets go!!!"

So when he got home that was the first thing he wanted to do. So after they woke up from their naps him and I got busy making an apple pie and thus the pics above!!!

So I will try one of them and let you know how they turned out!!!
Today the I had to drop something off at m