August 25, 2008

Back to School Bash

Nevaeh inside the petting zoo that was part of my mom's church's back to school event. She was too cute to not get a picture of her in there!

So Sunday night was the Back to School Bash at my Mom's church. We had gotten home later than planned from our Fun Day at our church, and so I wasn't sure that we were even going to go. Then when John's Dad called to see if John could go golf with them, I really didn't think we were going to go. Then when Nevaeh woke up from her nap, and promptly woke Wyatte up, and told him it was time to go to Grandma's church to play games and see the animals, it was decided for me that we were, in fact, going! Here are a few pics from the time that we were there.
Uncle Kirk helping Wyatte figure out how to aim the foam dart gun...

Wyatte shooting at Kirk with said foam dart gun...

Wyatte hitting Kirk with foam dart from said foam dart gun!!!

Nevaeh playing in the crawly thing they had there

Sorry this picture is sooo bright, the sun was horrible, I couldn't get my camera to take a good picture, either tooo much or not enough sun... oh well, the kids had fun!!!

Wyatte spinning for a prize, Nevaeh wouldn't get close enough to try it. "Too Scary" she said!!!

He was pretty close, granted, but he still did really well with the ring toss!!

Wyatte and Nevaeh looking at a chicken that was part of the petting zoo.

Neveah loved this pig. She kept trying to pick it up to bring it to me. I didn't really want to get that close, but hey...

Look really close at Nevaeh's face! Priceless!!!