August 13, 2008

Planning a garden/yard...

This is a flower from an "Annabelle" hydrangea, and one that I plan on planting in the yard, either this fall if we get in before the ground freezes, or next spring when the ground thaws! I remember them from my grandma Watson's house when we were growing up and still that is the best memory of her house. The flower looks like a huge snow ball, they range in size from pretty small to over 10 inches! There are a few houses that I deliver papers to that have them in the yard, and it just makes my eyes light up to see them!

I am thinking I want to plant them along the front deck, but not sure exactly how much sun gets there, and how much these can stand... Anyways for now that is my plan. I am also looking for something to plant inbetween these plants. The house is clear stained pine, and the deck is a dark brownish red. I love dark colored flowers, the burgundy and maroon ones. So if anyone has any ideas for me I would love them! I was also thinking of maybe planting some Hollyhocks, or Glads in there. They are pretty tall and would look great in with the huge white flowers.

I am also hoping to plant a HUGE vegetable garden in the spring, and have to start thinking about what exactly we want to grow. There are sooooo many things we like to eat, and would love to grow, but I just need to plan it out....

Thanks for reading all my plans!!!!