August 3, 2008

Tall Timber Days Parade

Ok, so I thought I had this all figured out as to how to get my pics in here in order, but I guess not. So unless I spend the time to put them in here one at a time, you guys are just going to have to deal with the fact that these pics aren't in order!!! Sorry

Had to get at least one picture of Aubrie at her first parade!!! I guess it isn't a bad one of me either.
Daddy and Nevaeh watching the Shriners ride around on their motorcycles.
Ok, so I got two pics of Aubrie!!! After this pic was taken she nursed and then I wore her the whole time! I wore her facing out so she could see what was going on for the parade part of our day, then when we went shopping I turned her in so that she could take a nap, which she did. I put her on my shoulder and just started moving the wrap all around, and I don't think I followed any pattern that I have seen, so maybe I invented a new way to "wear" your baby!!! It was the most comfortable that I have had her ever in there and that is saying something because I can't feel that I am carrying her at all, ever soooo...
The GR marching band. It is a lot smaller than when I was in it, but still big enough that we didn't see Uncle Kirk. Mom told me he was in there, but I totally missed him...
Wyatte was soooo excited to see this tractor with the huge wheels! I kept trying to get a picture with him standing up, but he just kept squating down and hollering look at that huge tractor Mommy!!!
Another tractor driving in the parade.
Wyatte was a little scared of all the loud noises that the fire trucks and things were making. He kept backing up farther and farther!!! He did come up to the edge of the road when they started throwing candy to us!!!
Nevaeh and Daddy watching the trucks go by!
Wyatte was super excited to see everything today! There were fire trucks and big jeeps like Daddy's and tractors and motorcycles and all kinds of moving vehicles!!!
Wyatte was watching the shriners go by on the motorcycles.
Nevaeh was soooo wore out by the end of the parade that when I went to order a name magnet for Aubrie she fell asleep in the wagon!
One of the things in the parade was Saiger's Steam Clean, and the rigs all had bubble blowers on the tops of them! It was really cool!!! This is Wyatte chasing the bubbles. I promise there are some in the pic, but you just can't see them very well.