April 25, 2009

Afternoon at Grandma and Grandpa's

John's brother Jim is up from the Cities (North Branch...) for a couple of days. Since we haven't done Easter with John's family yet this year we went over to Mom and Dad Hoard's for supper with everyone. John's sister Leanne, 4 of her 5 kids, Jim and one of his girls, Great Grandma Idella, Great Uncle Duane, our whole family, and Linda and Lavern. Here are a few pictures that we took today!Wyatte was riding Leanne's Shetland Pony, Rusty. He got a couple of lead laps around the yard! I think he really had fun. In past years he didn't really like it, but he is getting bigger!!!

The look on his face as he was riding!

iUncle Jimmy leading Sophie and Rusty, Wyatte and Nevaeh were along for the walk.

Nevaeh did get her turn on Rusty. Thanks Uncle Jimmy for walking around with them!

Grandpa having some fun with the girls!

Uncle Jimmy showing Wyatte how to get Noah in a wrestling hold, called the cradle.

Sophie, Uncle Jimmy and Auntie Leanne singing "You are my Sonshine," Great Grandma Idella in the background. I am going to upload a video of them singing too, when I do I will link it to here. It won't be the best quality, but...
I think we were singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," at Nevaeh's request, or "Jesus Love Me."
(Jim, Asher, Leanne, Nevaeh, Noah, and Wyatte)