April 14, 2009

Lost pictures

well, i was getting ready to make an easter post, with pictures of all the fun and festivities, and then i remembered...

today when i was at target, printing off a picture of wyatte with his big crappie (fish, for those of you that don't know) then doing some shopping for random things i had this feeling that i should put the cd wallet that was full of the 9 or 10 cd's that i had burned the other day (and then deleted the pictures off of my sd cards) in my purse. i ingored that feeling and continued shopping. we paid for our stuff and i moved the cd wallet from the bottom of the cart to the seat next to aubrie. as we were walking to our van someone walked up to us and said she had some toys that she wanted to share with us and handed aubrie a new infant toy. i was talking to aubrie and put her in her carseat, then picked up the bags and my purse and put them in the van, pushed the cart to the corral and got in the van and walked away. as i was about 1/2 mile away from the house i got this sickening feeling and realized that i didn't remember putting the cd wallet in the van. i quickly looked around and didn't see it. i then called target (which is in my speed dial on the cell phone...) and asked if someone had turned it in. no one had yet, but they said they sent the cart attendent out to the parking lot to check it out. i forgot to call back to see if someone did find it and turn it in or if aaron (the cart attendent) found it.

on those cd's that were in the wallet are 2 1/2 cd's of neveah from the last nine months, 2 1/2 cd's of aubrie from the last nine months, 2 1/2 cd's of wyatte from the last nine months and 1 1/2 cd's of general (scenery, none kid pictures, ...) from the last nine months. so need-less-to-say i could be out of 5 GB of pictures from the last nine months. totally sad. getoverable, but sad. so many memories in those months. first steps, first smiles, birthday parties, first time on skates, pics of the house, pics of l&l's house, lots of stuff.

so please pray that someone wonderful found the wallet and turned it in. i am going to have to wait now until tomorrow morning to see if someone found it or not. i will let you all know.

so anyways, i don't have any new pictures of the kids to put up, i was going to put up the best one we took on sunday of the kids in their easter clothes, a few other fun ones, and the whole nine yards, but that is going to have to wait until another day. sorry............................


ben and erin said...

first of all i think it's hillarious that you have target on your speed dial! and second that you know aaron's name. which i do too.... he's worked there forever.

anyway, glad you found the cd. i hate that sinking feeling when something like that happens!