April 21, 2009

Fire Safety MUMS day

This is the picture that I took of my kids to send to the "orange for stellan" post. Some of the MckReaders mentioned that they were going to wear orange MckMama's Stellan's favorite color, in honor of Stellan's surgery today. She said that if anyone wanted to send a picture of themselves wearing orange they had set up and email address to send the pictures to. I picked out a shirt for me (orange) and went through all the kids' clothes and only found one orange shirt. I then decided that I would take MckMama's second favorite color (which is also the color of her blog...) and the girls could wear that. The bottom of the picture says "the girls don't have any orange to {so} they are in teal in support of the rest of the MckFamily still in the frozen tundra today" You can go to this post to see all the other pictures that people sent it to show support for Stellan today. He did have surgery today, and it went ok. This post here gives more details if you want to see.

This morning we got ready to go to the church for our 3rd Tuesday MUMS activity. The scheduled the Fire Dept. to come out and talk about fire safety. We then had a taco lunch afterwards. The kids enjoyed it, it was great for them to hear everything they did, and they also had fun with friends. I got a little time to chat with the moms and so we all won!!!

This is my version of MckMama's Cindy Loo Who's (otherwise known as Small Fry) "Four Ponies" I only got three in this time. And John didn't like it, so I am not sure if I will try again...
Aubrie got up to help Fireman John do his talk about having an escape route to get out of the house in case of a fire.

Fireman John had us all lay down on the floor to pretend that we were sleeping, then we had to...

crawl to the exit pretending that the air was full of smoke and fire. The kids thought it was fun, but I think they learned something too.

Wyatte and Neveah listening to Fireman John talk about the gear that he wears when fighting a fire.

Here he is all in the gear. Only one kid was scared, the rest thought that it was pretty neat.
Here are some of the kids getting an up close look at a "tanker" truck that Fireman John brought with him to show the kids.

Fireman John showing them the "jaws of life" and other equipment that firemen use to fight fires and save lives.
All the kids, minus a couple of babies (Aubrie included...) and Fireman John in front of his truck. They all stood really good for this picture I was surprised!!!
showing off the hats that they got.


ben and erin said...

i think that was the same guy that we saw when we tagged along with heather's school for their fire dept. field trip last fall. that's cool that the kids got to practice crawling out of the house!

it was nice seeing you this morning!

Mindy said...

That is so cool. We'd all love an activity like that too.