April 1, 2009

April 1st, 2009

Here are a few pictures from when the kids and I went out to play today. They aren't inorder because I can't figure out what order then come up in and no matter what I do they are wrong. Wyatte making a snow angel.

Here is a promised picture of our "barn"

The front

This is a cupboard that I found in the garage. Must have been Jim's!!!

This is part of the roof of the barn.

Piece of old farm equipment.

Farm equipment with the barn in the background.

Story behind this picture and the next one. We were making a snowman and the kids decided that we needed to use rocks for the eyes and nose. I was getting them out of the "lake" that is made by the sump pump pumping water from the basement... So I started digging them out and Nevaeh got to close to the edge and the layer of ice/snow she was standing on broke and she fell done, and started going in the puddle head first. I dove for her and pushed her back. She ended up sitting in the snow, with soaked boots and snowpants and I ended up...

With my foot/boot suck about 4 or 5 inches in water and mud. I had to call John to help me get it out!!!

Wyatte and our finished snowman. He has stink weed hair, stick eye brows, rock eyes (yes I did get them out of the" lake"!!!) Stink weed pcs for teeth, Wyatte did the mouth with the side of his shovel, and he did it all by himself. Mr. Snowman has the disease that most, if not all, snowmen have... One arm is longer than the other!!!

Wyatte getting ready to throw this at me!

He connected!

He was trying to get away from one that I threw at him! I think it landed right by his foot...


ben and erin said...

i love your barn!

looks like you guys had a fun day outside! hopefully next time it will be without snow, huh!