April 19, 2009

Hello everyone. I posted a picture to Stellan's name gallery. You can go check it out. MckMama started it when Stellan was in-utero, someone sent her a picture of Stellan's name in the sand and it reminded her of a picture that she had taken when her and Prince Charming went on their honey moon (I believe that is the story anyways, she has a post all about it...which I can't find right now, but...) Anyways, since they have been back in the hospital people have started sending her pictures of his name again. Hundreds of places around the world. Mine happened last night when the kids and I were playing with playdough. Go check them out and see if you can find it. (I will give you a hint, show you what it is,!!!) I did edit it on a little. My cousin Amy and her sister (who is also my cousin!!!), Naomi, have also put pictures up. Naomi's is one infront of the Fargodome, laying in the piles of sandbags there. And I think Amy's was taken at a zoo. I guess I can't remember for sure. She can correct me if I am wrong and point out the right now.

MckMama was looking for ways to make something out of these pictures for Stellan to look back on. She thought maybe to print them all off and put them in frames and make a whole wall of these pics, or put them in a photo book, or wallpaper them directly to the wall. I don't know what she has decided or if she is going to do anything with them at all but it is neat to see all the people that are praying for Stellan.


ben and erin said...

cool pic! i love how you did it with your stellan bracelet!

it finally showed up on my sidebar that you had posted something new. i don't know why it didn't before, but now i can hopefully keep up with your blog!