April 23, 2008

A couple of days worth of news...

Yet again, I feel like I am on the computer all the time, and don't get anything posted on here! Sorry again! Anyways, we have been having beautiful weather up north! The sun is shining, and while we did get some rain a couple of nights ago--we actually got some thunder and lightening{doesn't look right, but...}--you can't tell right now. I watched the weather this morning though, and they are predicting rain for the next four days, which could turn to snow at night. Several inches of rain, so we also have a flood warning for most of north eastern Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin, so...

Yesterday morning was MUMS Bible study. Which I have been looking forward to for a few days. Well, I told myself that it didn't start until 10:30, when in fact it started at 9. So we should up pretty much as it was ending, and I decided that it wasn't going to be worth it to go in, so I turned around and left. Apparently Wyatte was looking forward to playing with the kids, that he has been hanging out with alot lately, also. He started crying and saying that he wanted to go to church and see the kids, and no matter what I told him he wouldn't stop. So being the tired emotional wreck that I am, I started crying and preceded to show up at the grocery store with red eyes. So I sent a couple of emails to the other moms that go to MUMS and asked them to remind me next time we have Bible study that it starts at 9 AM!!!

After the grocery store we tried to go to the park , but I thought it was a little to windy for Aubrie, and the slides we still wet, so we went to get ice cream instead. Nevaeh also didn't like the swings at all, which is shown in one of the pictures!!! Wyatte had fun for the couple of minutes that we were there and I told him there would be plenty of days that we could play at the park. So I think he was happy with that.Later we played out side with some toys Grandma Kris had brought home from one of our cousin Robb E's . He had a lot of fun "grating" the driveway, and moving the dirt from the flower box to the deck! Nevaeh got her fingers stuck in the gas door on the Grandma Kris' van and we couldn't figure out where she was! All she would have had to do was pull her fingers out, but she just stood there and cried! My poor little girl.

Lastly, we have a pic of Kirk and Aubrie, and Aubrie snuggled into the baby carrier that my cousin Amy made for us! THANKS again Amy, we use it often.


A day in the life of the Simmons said...

Sorry that you missed Mums :( I have had to miss the last month or so of them b/c of a scheduling conflict so I know the feeling, I am even on the Committe!