April 28, 2008

So I don't really feel like writing on here lately, and for that I am sorry. I have been fighting a migraine for a couple of days, John has been driving me nuts for a little longer (!), and the kids while they have been better are still young and don't understand that I don't feel good. So pray that it gets easier!!!

Saturday was the Children's fair in town, and the kids and I were looking forward to going. That morning John's dad called him to see if he wanted to go to a men's breakfast at his church, and John said yes. So that started my morning off on the total wrong foot. To me that was his way of saying that he didn't want to go, and he didn't really care that the kids and I did. The breakfast started at 8 and we were supposed to meet some friends of mine at the fair at 9. So I got to get the three kids ready to go, and then in the car and then on the road by myself on a day that I should have had help. During the week, no big deal because I know that I am going to be alone, but on a Saturday, in my mind I should have help. Then to top it off we got snow again, and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get down the road. So we got all ready to go, and in the car, and were moving down the driveway. We did make it into town, and I did interupt the breakfast and pick John up and made him come with us. The Kiwanis (s/p) Club made pancakes and sausage for everyone, along with having orange juice and coffee. We fastly enjoyed them, and then it was off to the fun and games. All of the things that I thought the kids would like to do, John just breezed right past. They had a spot to make playdough and we practically ran past that, then there was a spot to make a fish print, and Wyatte refused to leave there so we actually did get to do that. John was ready to leave before we even got started which made it a hard morning for all of us.

We did get to see some cool fire trucks and other rescue vehicles which the kids loved. Nevaeh was scared of the fireman, but Wyatte actually carried on a conversation with him. I did get some pics, but as of this moment can't find my camera so....

Today we took Nevaeh to the clinic because yesterday she swallowed some change, and then this morning she had a fever and puked. So being the nervous mom that I have become, I took her in. They said everything sounded fine, and because she is so little they hate to do x-rays on her, so unless her fever spikes, or she doesn't poop for 2 or 3 days they won't do one. So pray that she can just poop the change out with out having to go back in! Wyatte just "woke up" from a nap that he didn't take and told me that he was being a snowplow on his bed. I went in to his room and found out what he meant. He had somehow pulled all of the stuffing out of an elephant and was pushing the "snow" around his bed! So... now I have to pick stuffing out of bed sheets and carpet for a month.....

Hope you all enjoy reading this, I will try to keep up better so they don't all end up this long!!!