April 19, 2008


Last night we had a Potter's Clay, the young marrieds group at church, event. We got an invite a few weeks ago that invited us to "An evening of elegant dining Marvinetti's". John got home about 5, took a quick shower, we got the kids ready and left the house about 10 minutes to 6 (the dinner started at 6!) We then had to drop the kids off at the nursery at church, which when we got there had about 30 kids and only one sitter!!! A couple of the parents stayed in there until the other sitters got there, but it was still alot of kids! We then went in to the "restaurant" and the host asked us if we had reservations, and under what name... the whole nine yards. We then got our picture taken under an arch... and were then escorted to our table. We sat down to a table with a few crackers in a basket, a few salad dressings (I didn't realize that is what they were to later...) and glasses of water for each of us. Then the host passed out a few table games to play, and then the menus. The menus had a picture of Italy on the cover and the "restaurants" name, then you opened it up to a listing of food items in ITALIAN. No other description of the food was given! I am not sure how many of you have been to a mystery dinner, but this is what we were at! So with no idea what we were getting we had to write down numbers of the items on the other page in what order we wanted them. For my first course I got my salad, lasagna and a fork. John got his salad, a knife and a fork! Our second courses were soup, toothpicks, and a napkin (Chare) and juice, spoon and a napkin (John). Third courses were soup, corn, and toothpick (John) and corn, juice and a spoon (Chare). Lastly, John got ice cream, lasagna and garlic bread; and Sharalee got ice cream, garlic bread and a knife! We both did pretty good, until John's last course. He ended up eating his lasagna like a sandwich, and his ice cream with the biscotti that they served with it!

-----We had a lot of fun with the couples that we sat with! I really didn't know one of the couples very well, but enjoyed getting to know them better. They have four kids all under five. They are spaced out like mine are... about a year and a half apart, I think anyways. I added a link to their blog if you want to check it out. The Knudegaard Kronicles is their page. The other couple was a couple that I know the wife fairly well, and have talked to Chris a few times, but we did get to know him better too. John graduated with Heidi and Chris, but didn't do anything with them for a while. Chris and Heidi have twin boys about 2 and a little girl on the way.

-----So we had a long night last night, didn't get home until after 9 and then the kids, even after playing in the gym for a long time and using all the energy playing with the kids in the nursery, wouldn't go to sleep. I think Wyatte was up until after 10. AND THEN THEY WERE BOTH UP BEFORE 6 THIS MORNING!!!! Neveah actually woke up about 3:30 and I went to get her and she kinda slept in my bed until 6, but not very well. So we are all pretty tired today. I actually tried to get the kids to take a nap at 7:30 this morning, but that didn't work. So I made them breakfast, eggs, biscuits, and bacon...then they took a bath with John and then took a nap so...hopefully this afternoon is going to go better. We are going to go outside as soon as Wyatte wakes up and clean up some garbage from the yard, so that should keep them busy....

-----I forgot my camera last night, so don't have any pictures. They did have someone there taking pictures, but I will have to see if they send any too us or not. If we do get them I will post some up here!