April 9, 2008

Grandpa Stan's Turkeys!!

Wyatte (left, in grey and orange striped shirt), Nevaeh (head, with a teal shirt on), Vera Wourms (you can only see part of her face on the bottom of the picture), and Willie Wourms (right with grey shirt on) looking at Grandpa Stan's baby turkeys!
Wyatte actually caught one! He really liked holding it.
This is as close to holding one as Nevaeh got! She just loved seeing the "chickens!"
Vera (born 2 weeks after Nevaeh), Willie (born 3 months after Wyatte), and Wyatte playing on toys that Grandpa Stan brought downstairs!

-----We went to see Grandpa Stan and his baby turkeys this morning, and some friends of ours were there that we haven't seen for a while. Paul and Carrie Wourms, Mike and Julie's son (Mike is a very good friend of my dad's, he has done quite a bit with our family over the years...) recently moved back to Minnesota from Wyoming to be close to family and they were at my dad's visiting him, and the turkeys! Wyatte and Willie are only a few months apart in age, and "Veah and Vera are only a few weeks! It was fun to try to keep the kids' names straight when they are that close!!! They all had fun, and I told Paul that once the weather gets nicer we are going to have to get them all together again to play! My house is tooooo small for that many small bundles of LOTS of energy!!!!!