April 16, 2008

A very long update, may take some time to read!!!

So I know that I have been a little lax in writing on here, and I am sorry for that. We spent the weekend in the Cities with John's brother and his family. Saturday one of my cousins got married. Then Sunday we went to the Mall of America, to Nickelodeon Adventure Park and the Underwater Adventure. Then Monday I made a quick trip to Hibbing. Then today was a MUMS fun day! So alot going on in the last few days to catch you all up on!

So Friday morning it started to snow, just like the weather man said. I had been hoping that he would be wrong, but... Anyways, John wasn't sure he was going to work because of the snow, but he told me to get everything packed because we were going to the Cities for the weekend. I thought he was crazy! He did end up going to work, and said we would see what the roads were like when he came home and decide then if we were going. He said they were fine, and really the most trouble we had was in our actual driveway!!! We did hit a snow drift around Swan River that almost sent us sideways into the ditch at 65 mph!!! Got my heart pumping there!!! So we got to North Branch kinda late and then stayed up even later talking to Jim and Kara and the kids didn't get to bed until around 10. Then they were up before 7. We played around with Jim and Kara's girls for a while Saturday morning, and then headed a little farther south to Burnsville to my cousin, David's wedding. The kids took a cat nap in the van on the way there, but apparently not enough. We only lasted about 5 minutes in the wedding ceremony before Wyatte was trying to talk over the pastor, and Nevaeh wanted to pick up the flower petals off the isle runner. So John took them out to the lobby where they could run around. Then Wyatte did something to get in trouble and started hollering at John to "Stop talking to me" Needless to say John wasn't happy. Anyways, the wedding was pretty much no fun for any of us! The only good thing was the fact that another one of my cousins made a baby wrap (carrier) for me! It is awesome! I have hardly taken it off since she gave it to me.

This is how the kids and I slept on Saturday night. John got the whole mattreww to himself, and I had a three year old being a bed hog, a one month old who couldn't breath laying down because her nose was soo stuffed up, and a 2 year old who wouldn't sleep anywhere but my lap.....
Then Sunday John and I decided to take the kids to the Mall of America. On the way to the wedding on Saturday we drove by a billboard that said they had changed Camp Snoopy to a Nickelodeon Theme Park. We both thought that Wyatte would love to see Deigo and Dora and all the other characters that we see on TV every day. So we packed everything up and headed back south. We got to the mall, and John got all excited to take Wyatte to see the sharks in the Underwater part of the mall. So we headed over there, and, yes, the kids loved it!!! Nevaeh is facinated with turtles right now, and there were some huge turtles in there so that was cool to see her so excited! So we walked around there for a while. Ate lunch...during which Wyatte decided to have his first accident in over a month. So then we had to find somewhere to buy pants for a 3 year old that don't cost 30 dollars! Ok, so it wasn't quite that bad, but... Then it was finally off to the rides! Aubrie was in the baby carrier on my chest, so John got the fun times on the rides. The first one he wanted to go on was the log chute. So the first ever ride that Wyatte went on in his life, is a log chute! Nevaeh pretty much cried the whole time that Wyatte and Daddy were on the ride because she didn't understand why she couldn't go too. So the next ride they went on was a balloon ride that both kids could go on. The kids had fun, but John went in circles backward and got a little dizzy! We went on a few more rides, but didn't even use half of the points that we bought, so I guess we are going to have to go back some time in the near future to finish them off! I must have had 25 people come up and ask me where I got my baby wrap because it looked so comfortable and they hadn't been able to find one like that. Huge conversation starter.

All strapped in and ready to go....

Wyatte was having a stare off contest with the alligator in the tank, I think that alligator won because we made Wyatte leave!

One of the turtles that Nevaeh loved! Along with some other fishes in the ocean!!!

Daddy and Nevaeh looking at some of the fish while a shark, I think we decided it was a Guitar Shark (???) swam over their heads!I took a picture of the picture of John and Wyatte coming down the log chute. You can't see it as well on here, but Wyatte has a totally horrified look on his face. My poor baby!Both of my kids were scared to death of this "big" Dora! Nevaeh did wave at her, but told John that Dora was "big"!!!We did get a cute pic of them with her though. I don't even think the kids knew she was there when I took the pic!!!John, 'Veah and Wyatte on the balloon ride.Driving the big rigs, while daddy enjoyed the ride!

So, our Walmart is going to a Superwalmart, and so instead of moving everything they are just selling everything down and then clearancing what is left. Well, there are still a few things that you can't find in places other than Walmart, so the kids and I took the 35 mintue drive to Hibbing to the Walmart there to get the stuff that I needed. That trip went fine, took longer than I wanted it too, but went fine. I had a lady ask if she could by my baby wrap right off me. I gave her the website that Amy had given me and told her I liked mine too much to get rid of it yet!

Then Tuesday morning we had a MUMS fun day. The kids got to paint their own shirts! Wyatte had alot of fun. Nevaeh had fun until she realized that she was getting paint on her hands and arms, and because she is all girl, that was not acceptable! We had to keep washing her hands to get her to finish! Wyatte painted Aubrie's shirt too! Then it was off to McDonalds with some of the moms and kids from the group. That was alot of fun for both the kids and me! I really enjoy doing things with them, gets me out of the house, to do something other than spend money... And it gets the kids a little wore out, so they take better naps. Yesterday I actually got to take one! While at McDonalds we were trying to figure out how many kids had been at the church to paint shirts and we counted between 30 and 35 kids. There were about 14 moms there, so that is a lot of kids! Once at a potluck that we had we only had about 12 couples and had almost 30 kids there and 4 of us were pregnant! So if we all stay in this church we are going to have a huge youth group when they get older!!!!!!!!

On a wonderful note, the sun is shining, and the snow is melting!!! And we have a swimming pool in the driveway!!! The yard is soaking wet, and muddy, and messy, and I haven't let the kids play in it yet, but I don't know how much longer that is going to last. We are going to try to get out for a walk today, so I am sure that they will get muddy then. Oh well, that is what a washing machine is for right!


Amy Martin said...

So glad you're enjoying the wrap!! I hope it's helping make your life easier and more enjoyable.