April 8, 2008

leaving the house

I finally got to leave my house!!!!!!!!!! I did almost get stuck in the driveway, but did make it. The driveway and the road weren't plowed when I left, so I wasn't sure if I was going to make it or not, but we did. I had a conversation with God, telling him that if he wanted me to go to the MUMS Bible study today he would let me get out of the driveway. So I got to enjoy my first Bible study! With this group anyways. Now that I am home with the kids I get to do all the cool stuff that stay at home moms do. Like go to story time at the library, and Bible study at church, and play dates with other kids, eating at McDonald's with the other church kids, going to the beach---when it is warm enough!!! Yesterday I actually had my living room totally clean (that never happens in my house), my laundry was almost all done, and the dishes were clean! And John had gone to work, so I did all that and was home with three kids by myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH FOR ME!!! Friday night we are going to travel to the Cities to spend some time with John's brother and then Saturday, some or maybe all of us are going to my cousin David's wedding! Fun times for us in the future! Better go, John is home and is going to be looking for supper which I haven't started. :( Never said I was perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!