September 12, 2008


Ok, so this a rant of mega proportions. This morning when I got up to do the papers, you couldn't see more than maybe 100 feet. Granted we are living on a lake and that makes it worse, but... When I started driving down the road you couldn't see more than maybe a block infront of you and it started getting worse as I got closer to town. Took the paper delivery truck almost twice as long to get here because of the fog/mist stuff that was hanging over town. I did get to sleep almost two extra hours though, granted it was in the front seats of the van, but...

So I get started with the papers, and I have about 13 that go down highway 38 in Grand Rapids. For those of you that don't know the area, this road can get very busy once everyone gets up. So since I was about an hour and a half late already I started in the middle of my route with the ones on 38 so that I wouldn't be in the way when the road started to get used. Then I decided that I was going to do the route backwards, because I knew I was going to be late getting some of the papers to the customers, and since the ones that I usually do last get theirs late all the time when the truck is late, I decided to make sure they got theirs first. Anyways, I got about half way done and had to go pick the kids up because my mom and John had to leave for work, and Kirk was getting ready for school. So the kids helped me finish.

Apparently even though the whole town is covered with fog/mist so thick you can't see (like I said before...) when the sun comes up and it gets a little brighter, that means you don't have to have your lights on anymore. You can't see anything and people are driving around with their lights off. So more power to them if they don't need their headlights to see in zero visibility fog/mist, but what about the others on the road that can't see THEM? Where do we rate?

Ok, so that is enought I guess just thought I would throw that out there...