September 22, 2008

Not Me! Monday...continued...

So my last post was a pretty scary one, and not so much fun, so I decided to figure out what else I didn't do this week! Here goes nothing...

I did not ignore the four laundry baskets that are full of clean folded clothes ready to get put away. I most certainly did not pick clothes out of the laundry baskets for the whole week instead of putting them away. What kind of mom would do that? Not Me!

I did not forget to make stuff for my husband's lunches almost everyday last week. That would have been just plain horrible.

I did not eat a bowl of ice cream, and then leave the bit that was left sitting on the counter melting because I couldn't wait to eat what was in my bowl! That would have been silly!

I did not spend tons and tons of time trying to get my 6 month old girl to let me take a picture of her new tooth coming in.

I most definitely did not forget to invite my husband's grandma to our kids' dedication at church yesterday. Everyone else got invited... I also did not forget to make the jello salad with Wyatte that he soo badly wanted to make for everyone that was coming.

Today I did not enjoy the fact that I had to drive the big red jeep (because of my last because it is sooo noisy that I couldn't hear the kids yelling at each other, and the songs that they sing over and over and over and over and over and over again. What kind of horrible mom is relieved that they can't hear their kids sing? Don't get me wrong I love the fact that they sing, but when you have a 20 min. drive to town and the kids sing (at the top of their lungs) Veggietales, Jingle Bells, This is the Day, Jesus Loves Me, EIELE (formally known as the BIBLE), and other songs the whole way and you can't hear your self think, you would relish the noisy jeep too!!!