September 18, 2008


The other day MckMama posed a contest to see if anyone could guess what was on her kids' ala carte lunch plate. There were 11 things on her plate. Read her post and look at the picture here... And although we do not drink "raw" milk, or have anything organic in our fridge, yet... I was inspired to try a ala catre lunch and see how the kids did. This is the plate...While my plates aren't nearly as cute as hers, or have 11 things on them (mine only has 5, or did until Wyatte ate all the grapes off his!!!), the kids loved them! Mom boiled eggs last night, I think to make egg salad for Uncle Paul who is coming home tonight (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but we borrowed a couple. John's brother found a guy who makes wonderful venison summer sausage so we had some of that, along with mozzarella and cheddar swirled string cheese, an apple, and the aforementioned grapes. The kids did some swapping (Wyatte wanted more apple and Nevaeh wanted more meat...) but the meal when off without a hitch! Usually lunch is hot dogs, or ramen noodles with frozen veggies, or mac and cheese or a pb&j sandwich, and usually involves alot of loud voices because they don't want that. So I think I am going to try this more often. MckMama does this for supper too, but I think that John would starve!!!

I was going to have applesauce and carrots on the plate too, but the applesauce had fermented and the carrots were gross! Any other ideas for what kind of foods we could add to our plate? I think I could put Jicama (hic-a-ma) on it. Carrots would go great, even better if I cooked them. Celery I am not so sure about... Corn is a great one because the kids love it. Fresh peas during the summer would get eaten...

Here is proof that they enjoyed it! And a bonus for me... No mess on the floor!!!My lunch included a wrap with provolone cheese, turkey, sweet red onion (and lots of it), some shredded mozzarella, and lettuce. Some grapes. A stick of string cheese. A hard boiled egg. And a glass of white grape juice. I am trying to go on a diet, or at least eat better. This is about the best I can do right now!