June 3, 2008

Cold day at the park

Today we braved the wind for a few hours of fun at the park with the MUMS crew. I had been looking forward to some time with the moms and the kids were looking forward to playing with the kids, so even though it felt about 30 with wind, we were there. Along with about 8 or 9 other moms and about 22 kids between us! All the kids seemed to have fun, even though the little girls were pretty cold. And us moms enjoyed the little bit of conversation that we did get in between shivering kids coming to warm up, wiping boogers off of runny noses, snacks being passed out and finding safe places for the kids to pee! We only lasted about 1 1/2 before we started to trickle out, but it was still fun. The kids and I haven't been to the park on a good day yet. The other day we tried to go and it was raining..... so we ended up playing at the Barton's. I think I mentioned this already though! Anyways here are a few pics from today. I will try to get the names right, but if someone looks at this and notices that I have them wrong let me know!!
Nevaeh tried out the baby tent that I brought for Aubrie to sleep in. I ended up wearing Aubrie the whole time in my baby wrap. Kept me a little warmer!!!
Wyatte and Neveah playing on the swings.
Some of the older kids had been up on the top of the rock wall asking to have their picture taken (see below) and so Wyatte wanted his taken too!!! He didn't climb up the wall though, there are steps off to the side!!!
Nevaeh got a turn on the swing.

Baylee S. and Joshua B. (I think). They kept trying to get our attention because they wanted their picture taken!!!

Phil is up for a couple of days. For those of you that don't know Phil is one of my three younger brothers, the oldest of the three. He is going to college to be a athletic trainer, I believe. And ref's soccer games as often as he can. This coming up weekend he is going to one of four officials at a pro soccer game in Canada. He isn't sure which one of them he will be, but it is a great opportunity for him what ever position he ref's at. Anyways, he is at my mom's helping her get ready for Paul's, my middle brother, graduation party. Doing some stuff around the house and whatnot. So we are going to go over there tomorrow and spend some time with Uncle Phil, Grandma Kris, and whatever other uncles are there!!! We don't get to see Phil very often, but when we called him today to talk Wyatte could actually tell that who he was talking to! It was pretty impressive! Friday Phil leaves for Canada and then is up there for the weekend, until the 11th I think. Then he heads to Georgia to a soccer camp that he is doing an internship at. That is at least three weeks I think, and if I remember right he is going to try to ref some when he is out there. Then I don't know what his plans are for sure, but... He is going to 22 on the 14th of June. Hard to believe. Time just flies. I will have to get up some pics of him and the kids and then one of him as a baby. Just for fun!!!

John's sister Jeanie flies in to the Cities on Thursday sometime, so we are looking forward to seeing her and her girls. They are going to spend a day or so in North Branch with Jim, John's brother and his family and then come up Saturday morning some time. So lots of fun this coming up week. Jeanie and her girls would like to go to Gooseberry Falls and depending on the weather maybe even camp up there. I told Linda that the kids and I, and maybe some of Leanne's (John's other sister) kids could come with us. I am looking forward to going up there. Beautiful place. Not sure about the three little kids, but...

One other thing before I go, my mom and were talking on the phone just now and she said that one of Kirk's, my baby brother (now 14) friend's is missing. He got in a fight with his mom on Sunday and took of in just shorts and a tee shirt (my mom thinks...) and they haven't seen or heard from him since. The police started a search today. Please add that to your prayers, that he is safe and is coming home soon. Pray for his family in the mean time, and all of the people looking for him that God opens their eyes and ears for him where ever he is. His name is Alex.