June 21, 2008

Today Kirk (my brother for those that don't know) had a soccer game here in town. And it was at a time that we could go watch! They are usually either late at night, or right in the middle of nap time and I don't get to go, so we took advantage of the game time today and went to watch. The soccer field is part of our sports complex here in town and there is a park just a few feet from the soccer field, so the kids got to play a little bit. John and I ended up watching the game from the end of the field because that is where the park is, but we still got a pretty good idea of what was going on! Kirk attempted goals a few times, but didn't connect with the goal, the team did end up winning 4 or 5 to 0, so it was okay! The kids really had fun today playing on the slides and the swings! Aubrie on the other hand didn't really enjoy herself. She has such a hard time falling asleep when she is being held, and apparently we went during her nap time. So she pretty much screamed the whole time we were there, I did get her to fall asleep finally right at the end of the game, and then we left, so she went into her carseat and that woke her up again... Wyatte wouldn't fall asleep unless you were holding him and Nevaeh and Aubrie both won't fall asleep unless they are laying down. I wish there was a happy medium.

Last night our young marrieds group at church got together. It usually takes us a long time to get out the door, but last night we were out the door in record time! So we ended up showing up really early. The church has a little playground in the back for the kids during the school year (they have a school in the church during the school year) and we spent a little time over there waiting for the rest of the couples to show up. It is made for a older kids we found out, but they were able to manage ok! Nevaeh can do anything that Wyatte does, just to prove that she can!!! We were going to play the "Newlywed Game" but it turned out that only 3 couples came, and one of the couples had the game questions. So we ended up just sitting around talking for the time that we were there. It was alot of fun!