June 25, 2008

little tidbits

Sorry no new pics, just words.....

Today was one of the worst days that we have had in a long time. Nevaeh didn't sleep well last night, I blame that on the heat (and John). He decided to sleep in my bed last night and so I slept on the couch. Nevaeh always comes into my room during the night and just crawls in and snuggles up to me and we go back to sleep. Well John doesn't like to snuggle and with the heat he really couldn't handle it. He got up and ate some left over pizza, then later (I think) got up and had a bowl of cereal. He couldn't sleep because of her and yelled a bunch of times. GRRRRRRRRRRRR anyways so she was pretty tired today and took two naps, but was still tired and crabby all day. Wyatte skipped a nap a few days ago and apparently it caught up to him today because he was horrible too. During our time out at the pool he pushed Nevaeh over in the driveway and scraped her knees and legs up pretty good. I am pretty sure I even laid him down for his nap with no lunch.

We went to the lake again tonight! I think the kids are getting braver, but still to scared to do much alone. I actually went under tonight and then was messing around with Nevaeh and ended up getting her head under the water and then she "puked" the water that she swallowed. Wyatte hung on John's neck for a while when John was swimming. Aubrie even got mostly wet. She didn't cry until I pulled her out of the water and the wind was making her cold! On the way home from the lake John saw a turtle on the side of the road and I made him turn around so the kids could see it. They were a little scared at first, but after a couple of minutes around it Nevaeh was ok to touch it! She loves turtles! I should be doing a turtle party for her, but she wants bears!!!

I am not sure if I told you this in a past post, but I am going back to work in a couple of weeks, but to do that I need to get Aubrie to take a bottle. So I pulled out all of the different bottles and bottle nipples that I have and have been trying them all. I even pulled out one of the sippy cups with a larger silicon nipple. None of them worked. She would chew on them, but not get anything. Then tonight I found one that she actually sucked on and drank the whole 2 ounces that I had pumped for her! I was really excited!!! I tried again after we came back from swimming, but I think I tired her out too much because she wouldn't take it, or me for that matter. So I laid her down and she was out! So I guess I will try later tonight when she wakes up, or put it in the fridge for tomorrow.

One little funny bit... The other day we were driving around in the van listening to the radio and all of a sudden I start really listening to what Nevaeh is saying. She usually just talks to her self and sings to herself. This is what I hear..."don't even know my last name..." for those of you that don't listen to country music that is a pretty popular song right now! I don't remember if it was on the radio, or if she was just remembering it, but apparently I need to start listening to better music if my two year old can remember songs that well. In the shower today I was singing "Jesus love me this I know" and she started singing along with me. Then continued to sing it all day! It was pretty cute!