June 17, 2008

Today was another park day, and it was beautiful out! Yeah for us!

We got up, at breakfast, ran some errands and then headed to the park. We were the first ones there, but others showed up soon after. Quite a few of the moms from church showed up, about 15 or so, and most of us have two kids, with a few having three!!! So that was alot of kids there! They all had a blast. For those of you that know the town of Grand Rapids, we were at the Riverview Park, behind the old Riverview Elementary School. It is a great park, the kids really enjoy it!

After the park we headed towards home, but on the way stopped at my Aunt Marilyn's house for birthday muffins. My youngest brother turns 15 today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRK!!! He took his written test this morning for drivers training and passed, so watch out if you are on the roads in GR!!! Just kidding Kirk! Anyways, we stopped there for some muffins and ended up staying for a while. While there we spent almost the whole time digging for pennies in the sand box. This is why.......When Marilyn did her son's grad party she hid about 10 dollars worth of pennies in the sand box. She figures only about 5 dollars was found, so she sent the kids to the sand box to look for them, and Wyatte wasn't finding any so I went to help. We ended up walking about with a little under a dollar worth of pennies!!!

Then it was off to home for naps and relaxation for me! Then John called and said they were going to work on the boat (he had the day off and went golfing with his dad...)and that he thought he might need a ride home and he would call me when he was ready. Well the kids woke up before he called so we just headed to the in-laws. They had finished the boat and Wyatte wanted to go for a boat ride, so they got the life jackets out and headed to the lake! I wanted some pics of the kids in the boat, but the young man that had the camera didn't think that those were the important shots!!! Instead we have shots of the house that John's brothers brother-in-law bought (did you get that whole connection?!?!?!?) and a loon. Oh well, there is always the next time! Then off to home.

Sorry I don't have any pics uploaded yet, but they all have pics of other people's kids and want to make sure it is ok with the moms before I put them up!