June 24, 2008

Parks and swimming

Today was sooo hot! We only lasted about an hour at the park before one of the moms invited us to her house to swim in her pool. It was great! The kids had fun and cooled off nicely. Us moms got to sit in the shade and still enjoy the company!

When the kids woke up from naps we were going to set up a blow up kiddie pool in the yard and swim, but Daddy came home right then and wanted to go swimming too, so we headed to the lake. It was a little cold at first but it felt great. Nevaeh was again scared to go in the water, but holding my hand she would walk a little bit out. John tried to get her to go out with him, but she just screamed. She was content to just play on the shore and gather rocks. She did get brave at the end and walk out a little on her own. We were at Bass Lake in Cohasset and for those of you that don't know, you can walk out over 100 yards and still be only at your waist or shallower. It is a great lake to take the kids to because of that. The water is shallow for ever...

Now we are home enjoying some pizza and a movie (that we have seen about 100 times... Cars.) Pretty soon is going to be bed time for everyone though and I am looking forward to that!