June 6, 2008

Sucess, Partly...

This is just a pic of my caramel rolls! Don't they look good???
Well this morning I decided to make caramel rolls (they turned out great!), and more bars for Paul's party (they turned out pretty good too!!!) While I was making these tasty treats Nevaeh decided to take her diaper/pull-up off. I didn't really think anything of it, then she throws it in the garbage and walks to the little potty chair in the living room and sits down. Again, I didn't think anything of it. Then she comes running into the kitchen yelling "potty mommy potty" (not quite that clear though, lol) Sure enough she had peed on the potty all by herself! So I left her bottom half naked and about an hour and a half later she runs to me again "potty mommy potty" All by herself again! Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa Hoard's to bring them some tasty treats. She stayed dry that whole time. Then it was home for a nap, diaper on, lay down, sleep 2 or so hours, wake up, still dry, refuse to go potty when mom asks her to, sits on my lap for a while, asks for a drink, then sits on the potty all by her self and she GOES! When Wyatte woke up we had a little snack and then headed into town. I braved the silliness and put her in panties. She stayed dry the whole time we were in town, about an hour and a half. At home, John was getting the tub filled and ready for a bath, she started to take her pants off and peed in them. :( Then after the bath she peed on the floor. But then a miracle happened... SHE POOPED ON THE POTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah for me! Usually she tells me that she has to go, and sits down and nothing, and then tells me she has to go and nothing, and so forth and so on, until she finally poops on the floor or in a diaper. She was running around the living room and kitchen and suddenly she stops and says "poop mommy poop" and runs to the potty and goes.

So while I don't think that she is totally trained, I do believe that I am making progress.

So I did have a video in here of me tickling Aubrie, but it turned out soooo dark that you can't see her at all, you can hear her but not the same! So I will try to take another one and put that up because it is pretty funny! I think she is more ticklish than me. Anyways, enjoy the pictures.
Phil actually got Aubrie to sleep for a little bit! That was nice for me, gave me enough time to make lasagna and garlic bread! Paul is looking though his pictures for some good ones to put up at his grad party.
Aubrie getting attention from Uncle Paul!
Wyatte was using some left over timbers at Grandma Kris' house to make a house for the mosquitoes. Thank you Wyatte for making it there and not at our house! We have enough here!!!
Wyatte helping with the trailer! He was actually getting it to go up!
Uncle Phil spinning Wyatte around. The funny thing is that Phil got way more dizzy than Wyatte did!
Paul spinning Nevaeh around. Right after I took this picture Paul had to stop abruptly because Nevaeh got a look on her face that made Paul think she was going to puke!!!
Nevaeh riding in her "boat"
Aubrie getting some time with Grandma Linda
Grandma read this book about eggs about four or five times today when we were there!!!
Aubrie hanging out with Daddy when he came home from work early.