June 14, 2008

Well, the time has come and gone to start thinking about what to do for Nevaeh's birthday! I asked Wyatte what we should do for her party because I didn't think that Nevaeh would really know what she wanted or what I was asking her. Wyatte told me flowers. Then Nevaeh said no BEARS! So I found a really cute cake in the shape of a bear, I have found a few things for the attendee's to do, and a few food ideas. Now I just need to figure out if we are going to do 2 parties. One for family and one for her little friends, or if we just do one and invite everyone to the same thing, or if we just skip the friends and just do family. I have never had a friend party before because we didn't really have anyone that we knew that is Wyatte's age, but now that we are in a church and have people that we do things with and kids that Nevaeh plays with I am not sure what to do really. I think it would be fun to have a kid party, but not really sure yet. So if anyone has any tips for me let me know.

I can't believe that Nevaeh is going to be 2 in about a month. Crazy how fast time goes. Pretty soon we will be having grad parties for the three of them and we will be empty nesters!!! Ok, so not for 18 years, but!!!

Wyatte loved his movie last night. John said he sat there the whole time and watch it. He did have to pee during the movie and John told him that they wouldn't stop the movie for him so they had to hurry and so he ran the whole way to the bathroom and pee'd as fast as a 3 year old can!!! He also asked John when we could get that movie and was told when he turned 4. So if any of you remember he would like that for a birthday present in Dec!