June 20, 2008

Last night I actually got to shop alone! Granted I didn't leave the house until around 9 PM, but hey whatever works right! It was so peaceful and relaxing to walk the aisles alone, with no kids kicking me in the shins, or yelling at the kids in the next cart, or kids putting food that I don't want/need in the cart when I am not looking, no one trying to beat on their sibling (at least in my cart!), no baby crying when I took to long in the freezer, no gum/candy that I have to buy because my kids didn't listen and ended up opening the package at the check out lanes...

Then today we headed to North Country Care, the assisted living facility that my grandma lives at. She was sooo excited to us, well mostly she was excited to see the kids, but!!!

After we took naps, Wyatte and I got the pool ready to swim in. It is just a little plastic pool, but the kids have fun! The water was still really cold, so all that happened today was filling it up, and then Wyatte gave his trucks baths. Well, when John came home him and Wyatte splashed each other, and John did dunk Wyatte a couple of times! I think Wyatte had fun. Nevaeh was still sleeping during this, and when she woke up she wanted to go in the "tub"! I think she decided to wait until the water was warmer when she did go in though!