June 24, 2008

A swimming day at Grandma's!

Yesterday the kids and I headed out to Grandma Kris' to spend some time with her and swim! Grandma wasn't home when we got there, so we hung out on the deck and I tried to get Aubrie to take a bottle. She didn't think that was a good idea and pretty much cried the whole time. Then Grandma came home and she tried too and got her to take a little bit, but all in all she didn't even drink a whole ounce of pumped milk. I am just going to have to keep trying! Then we got the kids dressed for the lake (somewhere between the dresser and the van I lost Nevaeh's swimsuit top, thus the shirt she is in!). Wyatte grabbed a couple of trucks from the house and headed to the beach that Grandma has. They played around a little in the sand and then Wyatte jumped right in! It took Nevaeh a little longer because at Paul's grad party she slipped off the dock and was found hanging on the side screaming. She sat with Grandma and splashed her feet a little and then she saw Wyatte having so much fun that she jumped in! Only when I would hold her hand though!!! We swam a little bit and then headed home for supper and Wyatte fell asleep on the way home. I told him that if he was good he could just rest on the couch instead of taking a nap in his bed. He laid on the couch most of the time that he should have been sleeping so I let him stay up. Apparently he was tired though because he fell asleep pretty fast in the car when we left!!!

Today is park day. So getting the kids dressed and ready to go, packing a lunch, and getting the odds and ends ready that I need for other errands in town are things on my list this morning.

I did have to get a new camera. My old one got lost. Thankfully I had my memory card in the computer. I forgot to take it out and remember taking a couple pictures on the camera, but haven't seen it since then. So I went to Target and got another Kodak this one is the V1003. It is a 10 megapixel camera, which takes a little bit better pictures than my old one which was only 8.2. It was on clearance for 127 and change. The other 10 mega pixel cameras were 249.99 and over. So hopefully I will enjoy this one and not lose it!!!

One last side note. I am going back to work in a couple of weeks. Three mornings a week; Monday, Thursday and Friday. Monday and Friday will be 4AM-12:30PM and Thursday will be 5AM-1:30PM. These were the hours that I worked before I had Aubrie and liked them because I was home with the kids more when they were awake. John is working a very good job, but this will be extra cash to hopefully use to pay off some old debts that he/we have. Hopefully it will work out for me to work for a while anyways. My mom said she could watch them some and John's mom and dad said they could also. John's two oldest nieces live right down the road too, and I asked them if they would be able to help out as well. I will keep you updated on that goings on as well!

Better run, the kids are starting to wake up!