June 8, 2008

Graduation--a couple of days late!!!

Saturday afternoon the kids and I went to my cousins grad party. John had been at a memorial service for a family friend so the kids and I braved it alone. I don't go many places with the kids by myself unless I can buckle them in!!! Then John's sister got up to the area that night and we all spent some time at Grandma and Grandpa's house enjoying pizza and visiting with the family.

Sunday was church with the family. Then off to my mom's house for Paul's grad party. Quite a few people showed up. Lots of family and his friends from school. Was a great time to catch up with everyone!
Then from there we went to John's sister's house for Mazie's party. Nevaeh got a quick nap in on the way there!!! She is the oldest of the grandkids on John's side of the family. And you know what I didn't even get a picture of her at all today! How sad. The kids really had fun there, playing outside with all the cousins! Asher took sooo long going down the slide that I got two pictures!!! Neveah took about two seconds to go down so I barely got the two pics that I did get!!! Aubrie had a tough day though. She is used to falling asleep in her crib and when we are away from home for a nap she doesn't do very well. She doesn't take a nuk, and so she just fusses and fusses. I got a couple of minutes away from a fussy baby when loving family and friends would come, but then she would just fuss louder and they would rush to give her back. Hannah did get her to sleep for quite a while though, she has the magic touch we decided!!! Now we are home though and she is asleep in her crib!