June 15, 2008


i am trying to figure out how to put a slide show of pics in, so that each post isn't a mile long. So far no luck. So I am going to post them to youtube and put a link in my post to the slideshow and you just click the link and it will take you there.

Well, John's sister and her girls are officially on their way home. It was fun to have her here and we didn't get to spend enough time with them, but we enjoyed seeing them for the little bit of time that we did! Here is a slide show of a few pics I took when she was here. I also have a few that she took, but I am going to give her a chance to put them up on her own page. When she does I will let you know where to look for them!

Jeanie's Visit Slideshow

Here are a few other pics that I took over the last few days.

Random pics of June Slideshow

Today was the Annual "Civil Air Patrol" Pancake Breakfast at the Airport. This is something that my family has gone to many times over the years. They make you pancakes, sausage, eggs, coffee and juice, then they have a few different planes out that you can look at, a few activities (rock climbing and a paper airplane table) and then there was an army tank and truck there for the kids to climb in and play on. Wyatte told me to watch out for the gun on the tank because it was going to shoot me! At the terminal there are a few pilots there to give airplane rides. They were a little spendy (25$ a person) but we splurged and Wyatte and John went for a ride. They flew over Grand Rapids, to Cohasset and found our house, Grandma and Grandpa Hoard's house, and Auntie Leanne's horses! Wyatte got to sit in the front because Nevaeh thought she wanted to go until another plane started and got scared. And since she was next to Daddy in the back and Wyatte was all buckled in already he got to sit up by the pilot! He had a lot of fun John said. When they first took off the plane hit some air pockets or something and it felt like the plane was free falling for a second or two. Wyatte was sitting in the front going "whooo hoooo" every time the plane fell a little bit! John said he also liked talking into the headphones that they wore!

Enjoy the Pancake Breakfast and Airplane Ride Pictures!

Way off the subject, but we tried to get rid of our cat by driving him a ways down the road (over a mile and a half) yesterday afternoon, and by golly today he is sitting on our deck. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR We don't want him anymore..........