May 20, 2008

Another Tuesday!

So today started out a little earlier than I wanted it too, Nevaeh was up at about 6:15, but at least it wasn't earlier than that! Wyatte was up shortly after that, and Aubrie was up right away after him. They ate an early breakfast of grapes and toast while I tried to stay awake while feeding Aubrie! I think I ended up dosing off a couple of times but not for long. I did a few things around the house, and then we headed into McDonald's for a play time with the MUMS moms! There were 5 moms there and 14 kids between us! Oh, plus baby Barton, to be born in about 8 weeks! The kids are all under 5 or so, I think, out of all of the kids only 2 are older than Wyatte, so...

After the fun at McDonald's, I dropped the kids off at Linda and Laverne's and headed to the doctor again. I had a IUD put in, so no more "pill" babies for us!!! If I get pregnant right now, then God really wants me to have my kids close!

Then home to lay the kids down for a nap, and get a few more things done in the house. I got supper started, made apple crisp, washed dishes, folded 2 loads of clothes and watched Rachel Ray. Valerie Bertinelli was on there today talking about her weight loss, and she did a couple of surprises for a couple of Rachel's viewers. I know that I have put weight on since John and I met, and really since we got married, and yes even in the last 3 years with all the being pregnant, and even with the weight that I lost being pregnant with Aubrie I am still about 60 to 75 pounds heavier than I want to be, so I am going to start losing the weight that I have put on in the last 6 years. No more excuses, no more nothing. I am going to start walking more, and looking into getting a gym membership so that I can work out. A friend of mine from high school is walking between 3 and 7 miles a day now, and if I lived closer to her I would walk with her, but I am just going to have to settle for walking alone (well with the kids if John isn't home). And hopefully get to a point that I can run some of it off! I am also going to start keeping a detailed food journal, so hopefully that helps too. Please keep asking me how this is going because if I have people checking on me, that is going to keep me accountable and on track!

Sorry, forgot the camera today, but will make sure I get pics of all the kids, and put them up here for all of you to see!