May 25, 2008

Sprouts! and other tidbits!

This was what Nevaeh looked like when she woke up from her nap! She takes her rubberbands that hold her ponytails out when she sleeps, but her hair stays up!!!
Wyatte takes it upon himself to help Aubrie when she starts crying, the only thing is he leans on her feet when he does it and makes her cry harder!
I bought some dried fruit for the kids and I the other day, and they loved it, the only thing was it was 4$ for a little fruit snack size box. So I borrowed a dehydrator from my in-laws and made my own!! These are apricots.
The kiwi are delicious dried!
The strawberries are pretty good too! I also had apples, pineapple and orange segment in there! I have to admit that I have eaten more of them than the kids, but they are like eating candy, only better for you!
I have sprouts in my flower boxes!!! I have been patiently waiting for them to come up and finally they are here!!! I have hollyhocks, cornflowers, sweet peas, and another orange and red flower that I can't remember the name of. Wyatte picked out the ones that I can't remember, Nevaeh picked out the cornflowers because she liked the color, and I got the hollyhocks because I absolutely love them, and I got the sweet peas for John because he loves the smell. Now if I can only get the sweet peas to come up. I have planted them every year since we came home with no luck, so.... pray for them!!!! I got a different kind this year again, so...
Wyatte picked these out for me after the camping trip that he went on with Grandma and Grandpa Hoard. They were picking out flowers for John's sister's adult care home, and Wyatte asked who they were for and Grandma told him Noah's mom (John's sister) and Wyatte started crying and said that his mom would want some too, so Grandma let him pick some out for me and this is what he picked. And the reason why he picked them... they look like dandilions!!!

On a different topic all together. Nevaeh woke up dry this morning and then pee'd on the potty right away. She actually woke up and told me that she had to go! Yesterday she stayed dry after her nap too! She even pooped on the potty, which she hasn't done before. So I think we made a few strides in the potty training. She did have an accident in church this AM but... the nursery worker took her three times and I tried once, but.... she pee'd when the parents started coming to pick up the kids. Oh well.

Well, got to get running, the start of the grad parties is today!