May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

This is what the John and the kids brought home for me for Mother's Day! I got it last night because they were so excited about what they picked out that they had to give it to me then! There is a strawberry flavoredangel food cake, a "Footprints" keychain that Wyatte picked out, a "Mom, I love you" circle keychain that Nevaeh picked out, and some individual cups of sherbet! MY FAVORITE!!! The card is a "My Little Pony card that talks to you. The kids loved it John said, and wouldn't even look at another one! I am going to add the video I took of the card talking to me too, so you can hear what it says, it isn't a very good view of the card, but you can still hear what it says!

Great Grandma Margaret helped Nevaeh color a picture today at Great Auntie Marilyn's house. We went out to lunch with John's family (mom, dad, grandma, uncle, sister and 2 neices and 3 nephews), then we headed to my Aunt Marilyn's house to spend some time with my family (mom, brother, aunt, uncle two cousins, grandma and a couple of the girls that my mom takes care of {my mom was working!})
Great Grandma Margaret, Aubrie and Grandma Kris hanging out in the kitchen! Grandma Margaret got Aubrie to smile too!!!
Cousin Ryan redid Auntie Marilyn's sandbox, and Wyatte and Nevaeh got to be the first ones to try it out! Wyatte was out there forever, and got his church clothes alllllll dirty, but isn't that was boys are good for! Nevaeh actually enjoyed it too!