May 23, 2008

long day

Aubrie has started "talking" and will sit in her swing a little longer than before, but only if the animals are pulled out so that she can see them. She sits there and just smiles and smiles and talks and talks and smiles some more! So much fun to see her grow up and develop!
All dressed up and ready for our walk. This is one of the first times that she has been out in the sun! She was in my baby wrap and covered for most of the walk, but she did get to enjoy the weather with us. As she gets bigger she will be able to enjoy it more with us!
Just another pic of her talking to the giraffe. Yes, I do know it is upside down and I am not quite sure why, but it is! It does make it closer to her and easier for her to talk to!!!

Today started early again, I don't know why my kids have to get up so early, but they do. Today was a little later, but still before 6! Nevaeh was still tired, very crabby and wouldn't lay back down in bed. She wanted to be held, but I needed to get stuff going for John for the day. She was mad because I wouldn't hold her and sat down behind me. I got started making John's lunch, and got his coffee started and I turned around and Nevaeh was sleeping on the kitchen floor with her baby doll in her arms! Of course I couldn't find my camera, so... No pics, but can't you just see her? She slept there for a good 30 minutes! Until John went into the kitchen with his work boots on and woke her up. Then Wyatt brought her some cereal and she sat there on the floor eating cereal for another 30 minutes or so! What a kid!!!

I got some more of my house clean today, but not enough of it. I have been lazy lately with the house work, and realized that I need to start keeping on top of it. They tell me that if you keep a clean house it takes less time to clean!!! :) So I am trying.

Today Aubrie and I were sitting in my glider and Wyatte "woke up" from a nap that I later realized he never took, but anyways, she was "talking" to me and I was asking her what she was telling me in her story and Wyatte asked if he could tell her a story too. This is about how it when...
One day, when I (Wyatte) was outside playing, I was outside playing with my digger, my mom, you, didn't know that I was outside, but I was outside playing with my diggers, and Xander (our dog) was running around, and I was playing with the mean digger and mom didn't know I was outside. I was having fun playing outside with my digger without mom....

And so forth and so on! Every once in a while he would throw in a new tidbit ( like about the dog...) but for the most part for about 5 minutes he told Aubrie that he was outside playing with his digger! It was pretty cute.

This afternoon a friend, from high school that I have been reconnecting with, and I went for a walk with my three kids (two in the wagon and one in my baby wrap) and her daughter (in a stroller) and a baby that she was babysitting (in my other baby wrap)! We were quite the group! We did pretty good the first 2 miles, and then on the way back Ava decided that she was hungry and Beth didn't have a bottle for her, and then Wyatte and Nevaeh decided to start hitting each other, and then 'Veah fell out of the wagon. So lucky for us we walked right by John's parents house and I dropped my two kids off to play there and Beth and the girls and I walked back to my house. We got back here and Beth made a bottle and Ava scarffed it down! All together I walked about 4 miles, pulling the wagon and carrying a 12 pound baby! Pretty good exercise for me! I need to start walking during the day more, because, as John pointed out tonight, I am still pretty white! I do have my first tan lines, but still need to get darker!