May 6, 2008

potty training, day one

Potty training Nevaeh is totally different than when I potty trained Wyatte. Right away this morning, I had her sit on the potty, and sit and sit and sit she did. Nothing happened, so we put on some of her new panties, and almost right away she pees! So I told her that she needs to try to let mommy know when she has to go potty, or just sit down on the potty by herself. So about 45 minutes later I had her sit down again, and sit and sit and sit again we did. Then I got up to get her a drink, and all of a sudden she was yelling "potty, mommy, potty, potty, mommy!" She had peed in the little potty. We called Grandma Linda to tell her and she was excited. Nevaeh smiled the whole time we were on the phone. Then since she got up sooo early this morning, I decided to lay her down for a little nap. When she woke up she peed on the potty again, we put panties on and I started getting lunch ready. I also wanted to try to make bread again, so I started that too. The next thing I know, I smell poop. She had pooped in her underwear. Wyatte never did that. He was soooo ready to get rid of the yuck in his diaper that he would sit on the toilet trying to poop even when he didn't have to go. He is still like that, if he feels gas, he goes and sits on the toilet just in case something else comes out too. So I got that mess cleaned up, we ate lunch and now all three kids are sleeping.

I tried to lay down and take a nap with Aubrie, but she does not like to snuggle when she is going to sleep. She laid next to me, and on my chest and just cried and cried and cried. I got up and laid her down by herself, and she was out in about 30 seconds. In a way it is nice to have a baby that will sleep by herself, but in other ways it kinda sucks. I want to take a nap today, and can't because there is a kid in the kids' room (Wyatte), a kid in my bed (Nevaeh), and one one the couch (Aubrie). So here I am on the computer trying to stay awake, while the kids are sleeping. Oh well, my bread is about to be ready for the next step and I have clothes that I need to fold, and so forth and so on, so I guess maybe God is telling me something. I don't need the sleep as much as I need to get my house cleaned up. So on that note, I am going to go and let you all enjoy your day.