May 7, 2008

day two, part 1

day two...

Nevaeh woke up wet this morning, but did sit on the potty right away and went! The kids wanted french toast and eggs for breakfast, so we made that, planned a playdate with Seth and Sam for later this afternoon at the park. And then we then went for a walk down to Grandpa and Grandma Hoard's house, so I put a pullup on her because I didn't want her to have to sit in wet pants if she didn't make it there. No one was there when we go there, but she was still dry! So I put her on the potty and she just dribbled a little. While I nursed Aubrie I let the kids watch the incredibles. We then got ready to go and as we left Grandma and Grandpa pulled into the drivewa! So we stayed a little longer to visit with them. The kids played outside for probably around an hour, then we walked home. So I got in a close to 3 mile walk!

Yeah for me. I am going to start trying to get out every day and get at least a walk in. I am also going to see about getting a membership at the YMCA, and start going there. I thought about it last summer and winter too, but never did anything about going in. I think it will be good for Wyatte and Nevaeh also, the "Y" has childcare right there in the building, so... The interaction with other kids their own age. Teach them something.

I have a couple of nights to look forward to coming up. Tomorrow night there is a Mother & Daughter Tea at my mother-in-laws church that the girls and I are going to go to! My mom is coming also. It should be fun. I don't remember if I went last year, well I take that back I must have because Nevaeh came with me and the one before that I would have still been pregnant with her. So this will be our second one, and this time with 2 girls! Then Friday my church is having a moms craft night were you can bring whatever you want to work on scrapbooking, sewing, mending, anything and work on it in a room with all the other moms that come in!!! So I have a few ideas of things that I want to bring with me, but we will have to see what ends up on my plate!

I am planning on bringing my camera to the park today, so I will try to get some of the pics of today up tonight after the kids go to bed!


A day in the life of the Simmons said...

I am also going to the Mother and Daughter Tea, it sounds like fun! I will see you there :)

Aliya'sMommy said...

Well I would have LOVED to drive a few hundred more miles to come see you guys!!! One day soon before Aliya turns two we'll come out and see you guys.