May 5, 2008

Library Day, and NEW PANTIES!

Today was Storytime at our local library. I tried going a couple weeks ago by myself with the three kids, and it was a disaster! So last night I called Grandpa Stan and asked him if he was interested in helping me with the kids this morning. So we met him there, and then headed into the Children's area. They were sooo good! Even with out my dad there we would have been fine! The teacher read us 3 books by Eric Carle. One I had never heard of, and now that I am sitting here typing about it I can't remember the name of the book either! Sorry. Last time we were there I let Wyatte get a library card, but because of the fact that he was running around the library when we went to look for a book to bring home, he didn't get to use it. Today because he was so good, he got to pick out 2!!! One is about a snake called Verdi, and the other one is "Will you be my friend?" by Eric Carle. Nevaeh got to pick one out too, and the only one she wanted was "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed"! We have this same book at home, but she wanted it again, so...

We then went to Target to get pullups for Wyatte, and while we were there I decided that I was going to start potty training Nevaeh! So she picked out some panties, and some pullups of her own. She took a nap right away when we got home, so we didn't actually start until she woke up. She did ok for the first night. She peed on the potty once, but did pee on the floor twice. I tried not to get mad, but it is hard when you have a little girl that stands there and tells you she has to pee and then watches it come out! She keep me in your thoughts as I try this, Wyatte was super easy to train, he still wears pullups when he sleeps because he is such a sound sleeper, that he doesn't wake up.
Nevaeh in her new princess panties!

Not much else went on today, I rearranged my bedroom today. It ended up being harder than I thought it was going to be. Had to take the crib apart to get the bed to turn to the wall I wanted it on, then I lost one of the screws to hold the crib together... I am also moving Aubrie's dresser back into the kids' room because I don't have enough room in my room now for it, so... Not that you all really care about the arrangement of furniture in my bedroom, but now you know! Hopefully we can get outside tomorrow and play. We were going to today, but by the time the kids' woke up from their nap it was raining. We have a hanging strawberry plant that the kids are impatiently waiting to grow. We have also bought a few flower seeds that are going to need to be planted here soon. I can't wait to start working on the garden. Today on ebay I bought some "walking onions" I am excited to see them grow. Haven't ever heard of them, but they sounded interesting so will let you know how that turns out!