May 27, 2008

Day at Grandma Kris'

Wyatte getting his shovel loaded by Grandma!He actually did really well with moving the grass from the ground to the wheelbarrow. I don't think he spilled anything!
Nevaeh helped Grandma pull the tarp to move the leaves that we raked up.
Aubrie was having fun on the floor on her tummy.
Daddy was getting Wyatte's fishing rod ready to go fishing.Wyatte caught this one all by himself! It wasn't really big, but he had fun!Neither one of the kids were very scared of the fish, Wyatte helped catch all three. Two bass, and one sunny. John cleaned them all so Wyatte can eat the fish he caught!!!

Memorial Day was spent at my mom's house helping her get the yard ready for Paul's grad party. Raking up gravel that the plow pushed into the yard, and leaves from the fall. John and Kirk also started redoing the boards under the picnic tables in the yard, and put the dock in. We cooked hot dogs on the grill and enjoyed lunch with Mom and Kirk. Paul unfortunately was MIA for the whole day, well except for supper!!! There is still some work to do, but should all be done in time for the party. Hope to see some of you there!

Today was the last MUMS meeting. Next week starts the park schedule! So every Tuesday for the summer we will be the park playing with a ton of other kids, and I get MOM time!!! Yeah for me!

John got his first call about the Jeep that we are trying to sell. Not really sure how serious the guy was, but hey it was interest! If anyone else knows someone that is looking for a Jeep Wrangler let us know.