May 10, 2008

pictorial update

Great Grandma Idella(bottom left), Aubrie (being held by Great Grandma Idella), Grandma Linda (bottom right), Sharalee, and Nevaeh (being held by Mommy). At a Mother Daughter Tea at the Cohasset Bible Chapel.Mommy and the girls. We couldn't get either one of them to look at the camera!
Wyatte and Nevaeh on the slides at Riverview Park. Nevaeh loves the slide this year. Last year it was the swing!
Nevaeh started liking the swing after a while today!
Wyatte and Sam (a friend from church) are in the foreground, Nevaeh is in the middle in the pink shirt, Jazmine (her mom is a friend of mine from high school) is in the red swing, Beth (Jazmine's mom) in the yellow sweatshirt, and Miss Heidi (a mom friend of mine, and mother to twins Sam and Seth) and Seth are sitting on the ground in the back of the picture, but you can't really see them. Sorry Heidi!
My big girl! All for of smiles for the camera! This outfit was one of my first garage sale finds of the year! I think it is super cute. I also think I did very well for us on Thursday! I got Aubrie a couple of outfits, this one, another one that has brown pants with pink poodles on it, with a white turtleneck and a pink velour blazer (soooo cute) and another one with a pink onsie with a snail on it, and then pants that have cute snails all over them!!! Will have to try to get a pic when she wears it. I also got Nevaeh quite a few clothes! A few play clothes and a few dressy ones as well. Wyatte got a courdory jacket, and a couple of toys.
Nevaeh has this habit of taking her "hair pretties" (rubberbands to hold her pigtails) out during her naps, and this is what she looks like every day when she wakes up!
Wyatte peeking through the fence at the playground!
Nevaeh peeking through the fence at the playground!
Wyatte and Nevaeh in the wagon looking at a "snake" on the driveway after the rain. It really was just a nightcrawler. I guess you can't really see it in the pic, but that is what they are looking at!
Grandma Linda reading to Nevaeh and Wyatte, and Grandpa holding Aubrie! While John and I enjoyed a little time on the couch with out kids!
This is the field across the road from John's parents house. John counted between 20 and 25 deer out there. They were running around and jumping up and down, and playing with each other! Very fun to watch!

This video is not the best quality, because it was taken on my digital camera at dusk, and I was a ways away, but I think you can still see what I am talking about during the video! Quite amazing to see how smart these deer really are! Linda and Laverne get to see this almost every night!

So hopefully this will satisfy those of you that check up on me on a regular basis! I know there isn't much wordage in there, but the pics should do the trick. I will try to get back on her every night to let you know what is going on with us. I told myself I need to do it for me too. That way I can look back and see what we did when! At the end of the year I can go back through and jot stuff down that I forgot!

Oh and by the way, Nevaeh has been doing ok with the potty training. Friday we were at the park, so I put her in a pull up and then we came home and she napped and then I left for the moms craft night (that no one else but Heidi showed up for) and so we didn't do so good then, but... If you stay on her she will go on the toilet, but if you forget to ask her, she has wet pants because she will just stand there and pee on the floor! Not so much fun for either one of us!