May 25, 2008

God's beauty

This is Paul (my brother) and his girlfriend. (this is a picture of a picture that Krislyn had up at her grad party. Paul and Krislyn think it was taken in 9th grade, but weren't quite sure) They have been dating on and off, mostly on though, since 8th or 9th grade. They both graduate this year, and are planning on going to St. Scholastica (I don't think I spelled that right, but...) in the fall. Paul is going into nursing and Krislyn is either going to major in Education or Business. She hasn't decided yet! I just had to post this pic because I think it is sooooo cute! I can't believe that Paul is graduating in a few days. My how the time flies.

The following are just some pics that I took of the scenery after a "storm" passed through. I thought the clouds were beautiful and had to share them with you all! They are in reverse order of what I took them in, but I couldn't get them to go right and didn't feel like taking any more time to get them in here. They don't need to be in the right order, just enjoy the beauty of God's creation!
i think the pic above this writing is one of my new favorite pictures.isn't it magnificent what God can do with a little water, and the sun!